Make your Matoha device record measurements automatically
Using the Autosave function released in the June update!

With out latest update, you can make your Matoha machine save every single measurement it has made. This is particularly useful if you would like to e.g. understand the composition of your batch.

If you would like to activate this function, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open our app (please make sure it is the latest version) - if you don't have our app, search "Matoha" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Go to My Collections and create a collection (using the "+" button in the top right corner).

  3. Go to My instruments. If there are no instruments shown, you might need to add the instrument to your account (using the "+" button in the top right corner). Click on Configuration.

  4. Choose the collection from the list (Autosave into collection) then press save.

  5. The measurements should start appearing in the collection!

Please note that the device reports the measurements to our cloud every 5 minutes so there will be a slight time delay between the measurements and the data appearing. To conserve data and the device's limited memory, only the measurement result is saved, rather than the full spectrum.

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