Our material identification devices

PlasTell - Plastics identification device

Quickly identify different plastics with our highly portable and low-cost device, PlasTell.

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FabriTell - Fabrics identification device

Whether you need to identify fabric blends or pure textiles, our FabriTell device will get the job done for you!

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Our mission

We started this company when we realised the urgent need for an affordable material identification device to help with the efficient waste sorting for a truly circular economy.

This has led us to use our scientific and engineering expertise to create machines that help with recycling by enabling  easy sorting and identification - anywhere, anytime . We believe that in this way, we can help fight pollution as well as create new jobs and opportunities.

The photo shows our co-founder Hans at a landfill in Indonesia, shown around by a local. The landfill contained a large amount of clean, recyclable plastics.

Meet our award-winning team!

Martin Holicky

Co-founder & CEO


Lieve Vanrusselt

Director, Head of business development

Hans Chan

Co-founder & Director


Aisha Kamara

Head of operations

Chris Newton

Head of sales & marketing


Darlene Sammut

Research scientist


Andrew Smith

Production manager


Logan Grant

Engineering intern


Daniel Batty

Assembly technician


IOP Startup Innovation Award winner 2019

Climate Launchpad Finalist 

Top 500
McKinsey Venture Academy
2nd place

FoNS Make-a-Difference competition winner

Ideas to Impact Challenge 2nd place