NIR Sensing module

Use our highly compact and low-cost sensing modules to add material identification capabilities to your machines with minimal effort!

This module uses our infrared technology from our PlasTell and FabriTell devices and provides a drop-in solution for you! It is optimised for communications and various communication interfaces are supported. We have even made an open-source library for communicating with our devices, which is free for our customers. 

Example use cases

There are many applications for our modules, for example

  • smart bins

  • reverse vending machines

  • small-scale sorting machine

The rendering on the left shows the module scanning a plastic bottle inserted into a smart bin - the infrared beam passes through it and goes into our sensor.

Demo video

Watch the video below to see our module in action!


  Technical specs & customisation

These are only very general specifications - for more information, please do get in touch!

Wavelength range : a band in the 1-2 µm specific to your application (can be customised)

Algorithms : identical to our PlasTell or FabriTell device (materials can be customised)

Connectivity: typically one or more of the following interfaces - Wi-Fi HTTP, Bluetooth LE, CAN bus, UART/RS232, USB (can be customised)

Communication protocol: open-source, see our communication library

Power: 5V or 12V DC, typically 1-2 A required (depending on the lamp)  

Size: 7x4x4 cm (the mechanical footprint can be customised)

The datasheet for this module is available on request, please do get in touch!