NIR Sensing module

Use our highly compact and low-cost sensing modules to add material identification capabilities to your machines with minimal effort!

This module uses our infrared technology from our PlasTell and FabriTell devices and provides a drop-in solution for you! It is optimised for communications and various communication interfaces are supported. We have even made an open-source library for communicating with our devices, which is free for our customers. 

Example use cases

There are many applications for our modules, for example

  • smart bins

  • reverse vending machines

  • small-scale sorting machine

The rendering on the left shows the module scanning a plastic bottle inserted into a smart bin - the infrared beam passes through it and goes into our sensor.

Demo video

Watch the video below to see our module in action!


  Technical specification

Wavelength range : 1550-1950 nm (can be customised)

Algorithms & spectra library : identical to our PlasTell or FabriTell device (materials can be customised)

Connectivity: typically one or more of the following interfaces - Wi-Fi HTTP, Bluetooth LE, CAN bus, UART/RS232, RS485, Modbus, USB (can be customised)

Communication protocol: open-source, see our communication library

Power: 5V, typically 1-2 A required (depending on the lamp)  

Mode of operation: transmissive or reflective, can be customised  

Size: 7x4x4 cm

The datasheet for this module is available on request, please do get in touch!

Please note that the Sensing module is only available for OEM customers who would consider purchasing a larger quantity in the future and comes with 5 hours of technical support.