Instrument loan terms and conditions 

Last updated: 30 April 2022

  1. Our standard Terms of Sale ( ) apply in full, except for Section 8 (“Returns”) as the returns process is described below.

  2. The monthly Rental Fee will be shown on your quotation, alongside the information that the Loan terms and conditions apply.
    The rental process is as follows:

    1. The customer purchases a device, paying the full sum for it (the Purchase Price) and the shipping fee.

    2. Matoha ships the device to the customer and the rental period begins when the device is delivered to the customer (the Delivery date).

    3. The customer may use the device as long as they see fit.

    4. Once the customer no longer requires the device, they shall get in touch with Matoha about return shipment (return address & any required paperwork). The customer pays for return shipment.

    5. Once Matoha receives the instrument back (the Return date), Matoha will inspect it for the condition and package completeness and issue a credit note to the customer for the Residual Value, the definition of which is below.

  3. The Residual Value is calculated as
    the Purchase Price (not including any shipping fees)
    LESS the Rental Fee times the number of months between the Delivery date and the Return date (number of months rounded up to the nearest whole number)
    LESS any surcharge for missing accessories (missing original carry case = £50, missing original power supply £20, missing calibration target £10).
    LESS any surcharge for equipment damage (Equipment Damage Surcharge).

  4. The Equipment Damage Surcharge is calculated as follows:

    1. Reasonable wear and tear corresponding to the rental period = no surcharge.

    2. If the equipment has been:

      1. damaged by liquids or contamination; or

      2. damaged by improper storage (e.g. not in the carry case in a dry place); or

      3. damaged by not following the instructions in the User Manual; or

      4. damaged by excessive heat (> 50 °C); or

      5. damaged by excessive cold (< -10 °C); or

      6. damaged by mechanical shock (such as, but not limited to, dropping the instrument); or

      7. disassembled, repaired or covers removed without Matoha’s permission;

      8. used with other than the Matoha-recommended power supply
        the Equipment Damage Surcharge is up to 100% of the residual value (i.e. Matoha is not obliged to take the equipment back).

    3. Heavy wear and tear but with no effect on the device function = 30% of the residual value

  5. If the customer disagrees with Matoha's assessment of the Residual Value, the machine can be returned to the customer at customer's expense.

  6. Matoha is not responsible for refunding any customs fees, duties or VAT fees incurred in countries other than the United Kingdom. For our UK customers, VAT will be treated as per HMRC rules.

  7. Standard Warranty will apply for the first 12 months or for the duration of the loan (as long as the Residual Values is above zero), whichever is longer. The Warranty is defined in our Terms of Sale.

  8. Matoha shall insure the package for outbound shipment - if any damage or loss happens in transport to the customer, Matoha shall claim the damages from the insurer and provide the customer with a repaired or replaced device.

  9. The customer shall insure the package for the return shipment (and pay for the return shipping) and retains full responsibility for the device until the device is delivered to Matoha's office.

  10. The 21-day money-back return period does not apply - if the customer returns the device within the first month, the terms above apply including a 1-month rental fee.