Ordering information


We normally ship by UPS and are able to ship to most countries around the world. Please note we can't ship to certain countries due to regulatory issues (e.g. China) or because we don't want to (Russia, Belarus, as of 25 February 2022).

The shipping cost varies so please contact us for an up-to-date quote!

We can also ship on customer's account via DHL or Fedex.

Customs, VAT and duties

All our orders are sent on the CIP incoterms - this means that the shipping and package insurance will be paid for but any customs clearance (including any costs) is up to the customer and we are able to provide only limited assistance. We always fully declare the value of the shipment (this is necessary for the package insurance) and attach the required paperwork such as a commercial invoice.

On UK orders, we charge a 20% UK VAT. On non-UK orders, we don't charge VAT but it is likely your country's customs will charge you VAT in import, using the usual rate in your country. Usually, VAT-registered businesses can re-claim the VAT paid (please check with your accountant, this is not legally binding advice).

On import to most countries, including all EU countries and the US, there are no customs duties (only VAT). You can use the SimplyDuty tool to estimate the VAT and duties (please note we cannot be held liable if the SimplyDuty calculation is not accurate - we have no control over the customs clearance in the various countries). The HS Code for our spectrometers is 902730 which you can enter into the SimplyDuty calculator and the country of origin is United Kingdom.