Unpacking your machine

Please watch our tutorial video on how to set up your Matoha instruments:

Thank you very much for your purchase! We ship each instrument in a protective carry case, as shown in the photo below.

What is in my box?

  • Your spectrometer (FabriTell or PlasTell)

  • A power supply

  • Adapters for your power supply for UK, EU and US mains power sockets

  • A quick reference guide which contains the basics of how to use your instrument

  • A calibration target (a white rectangle)

Unpacking your machine

Your FabriTell/PlasTell

1.  Display  with information and material identity; colour LED for material identification.

2.  Lamp for transparent and translucent samples (PlasTell only).

3.  Control button ; short press shows the spectrum, long press opens the device menu.

4.  Detector and lamp for non-transparent samples.

5. USB  power inlet.

Ready to turn the machine on?