FabriTell troubleshooting request

Will be on the label at the bottom of the device - in the format 123123213-123-123.
Please list the issue(s) you are observing - for instance, what the sample is, what should the machine say and what it actually says.
It's important that while measuring, you follow the guidelines here (there is also an explanatory video) https://matoha.com/how-to-perform-measurements
It would help us with identifying what could be causing the problem if you could please provide us with some measurements done with the machine. We would need scans of a 100% cotton sample, 100% polyester sample and of a silicone sample (red calibration square shipped with the machine). If you could please save it  https://matoha.com/saving-and-retrieving-measurements and then export the data (Step 2 in tutorial https://matoha.com/exporting-data-to-csv-from-our-app).
If there is any data you would like us to review, please attach the link to that collection here. Being able to see the spectra the machine gave you helps us a lot with troubleshooting.
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