Using our FabriTell / PlasTell instruments

Step 1 - Turn the machine on

Simply plug in the machine into power using the supplied USB adapter. Please don't use any other USB adapter than the one supplied with the machine - it might not provide sufficiently high quality power!

plugging in the machine

There is no power button - the machine will start automatically.

Step 2 - Self-calibration

The machine will show "CALIBRATING, PLEASE WAIT" - you must not place any items / samples on the sensor while this is happening! When it's done (it takes about 10 seconds), the machine will display "READY".

Step 3 - Measure!

Simply put the item on the sensor and the machine will show the results in less than a second!

FabriTell measurement  PlasTell measurement

Built-in button and menu

To open the built-in menu, hold the button at the back of the instrument until a menu shows.

To go to the next the menu item, press the button shortly. To select a menu item, hold the button.

The menu contains the following items:

  • DEV INFO - shows the current device information, such as the serial number and firmware (device software) version

  • SHUT DOWN - turns the machine off. To turn it back on, simply press the button again.

  • UPDATE DEV - starts the device update (this only shows when an update is available). Read more about updating here.

  • EXIT MENU - exits the menu

Screen items explained

UPDATE DEVICE message - you should update your device, as per the guide here.

Wi-Fi icon - you have successfully connected the device to a Wi-Fi network!

Sample composition - will show you the percentages of the materials inside the sample (for FabriTell) or the polymer name (for PlasTell). For FabriTell, at low %, the machine will show "cont?" which means a contaminant - the machine is not sure what the material is but the sample is not pure.

Confidence indicator - shows the score of the measurement, as per the graphic below:

Turning the machine off

To turn the machine off you can either unplug the cable or use the menu (as above) to shut it down.

Sleep mode

The February 2022 update introduced an automatic sleep mode. This will save energy and the life of the electric components inside the machine. After 60 minutes of inaction (ie no measurement), the machine will turn off and this will be indicated by the LED pulsating on and off. To wake it up, simply press the main button.

You can adjust the sleep mode settings in our app.


Obtaining accurate results

Please carefully read the guidance here.