Saving data automatically

Please watch our tutorial video:

You can make your Matoha machine save every single measurement it has made without constantly needing to use our app. A typical use case could be that you have a batch of items to be sorted and you would like to understand the composition. 

Step 1 - Pre-requisites

  1. Please  create a collection  for your measurements.

  2. Please connect the instrument to Wi-Fi.

  3. Please add the instrument to your account.

Step 2 - Set up autosaving

Go to "My instruments" in the app.


Then, select "Configuration" for the instrument you wish to change

Finally, choose the collection to be saved into using the Autosave into Collection dropdown, as indicated by the red arrow:

Step 3 - Use autosaved data

After you set up the autosaving as above, the device reports the measurement results to our cloud every 5 minutes (so there will be a slight time delay between the measurements and the data appearing). To conserve data and the device's limited memory, only the measurement result is saved, rather than the full spectrum.

When done, you can view the  measurement statistics  or  export the data . For a more advanced data access you can also  use our API .